The Best Toastmaster Air Fryer – Top 3!

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Toastmaster Air Fryer Reviews

Over the last few years there seems to have been an explosion of interest in these miraculous counter-top appliances, called air fryers. And make no mistake, this explosion is completely justified. Air fryers are out right amazing!

Air fryers make cooking simpler and quicker. Air fryers use hot air to cook your food. They have a high-powered fan to rapidly circulate the hot air around your food, more quickly and efficiently than standard convection ovens. This whole process leaves you with the crispy texture we all know and love. It also substantially reduces cooking time and increases the consistency of your meals.

They also carry massive health benefits when compared to traditional deep frying. Today, obesity is a commonly suffered ailment that can have disastrous outcomes such as heart attacks and strokes. One big reason for the obesity crisis is the take over of fast food. Now, this is not to say that all fast food is bad, but an over consumption of deep-fried foods certainly can be.

Deep frying significantly increases the calories of the food item as well as the fat, and especially, saturated fat content. Air fryers on the other hand, by using a tiny fraction of the oil dramatically reduces the calories and saturated fat content of your food. In fact, the fantastic health benefits of air frying are what has led to its surge in popularity as we have all become more health conscious.

But one of the unfortunate side effects of this surge in popularity is the, now massive, offering of products from a wide variety of manufacturers. This has resulted in the number of bad products out there. However, on the flip side, there are also many great air fryers out there just waiting to be enjoyed.

One such brand is Toastmaster. They are a great brand and a high-quality manufacturer offering several brilliant products. In this article we will go through our top 3 Toastmaster air fryers, all the pros and cons as well as full product specification. Thus, giving you the confidence to invest in an easier, healthier lifestyle.

Best Small Toastmaster Air Fryer

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This first product we are going to look at is our most recommended small air fryer, the Toastmaster 2.5L air fryer. As the name suggests, it has a 2.5L capacity, which is about 2.2 quarts. Despite being on the small side, this toastmaster air fryer is an excellent starting point for those just looking to dip their toe into the world of air frying.

According to the manufacturer, this appliance can cook meals for families of any size. However, if we are being honest, this is probably not the case. The smaller capacity of this air fryer is more suitable for singles and couples, than large families. That’s not to say that you can’t make some wonderful side dishes such as, Air Fryer Potato Wedges, Air Fryer Broccoli, and Air Fryer Green Beans. But we feel that cooking an entire meal for a family of 4 or more using this air fryer alone, may be a bit ambitious.

But thankfully, that is where the bad news ends! This product has numerous features that we absolutely love.

The Toastmaster 2.5L Air Fryer has rapid heat convection technology that cooks food quickly and evenly. The high-speed fan forces hot air to circulate rapidly around the food for fast, uniform cooking with the crispy taste we all know and love.

This product also comes with a simple temperature control and timer feature. This means that you can enjoy an easy, stress-free cooking experience, every time.

One of the largest problems many of us face when cooking is the inevitable clean up. But this appliance has got you covered here! The basket has a non-stick coating which helps limit the amount of cleaning to be done. The basket is also detachable to make it as easy to clean as possible.

But by far the best feature of this air fryer is its safety lock. When you open the air fryer basket, the heat automatically cuts off to prevent any accidents. The handle is also very well insulated to make sure it is cool to the touch.

With the Toastmaster 2.5L air fryer, a simple, easy, healthy meal is all but assured.


  • Intuitive temperature and timer controls
  • Removable non-stick basket for easy cleaning
  • Cool-touch Handle
  • Automatic heat cut-off safety lock


  • Small capacity not ideal for large families of 4 or more

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Best Medium Toastmaster Air Fryer

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The second product we are going to look at is our most recommended medium air fryer, the Toastmaster TM-500AF 5 Quarts Air Fryer. At more than double the capacity of our small air fryer, this is the perfect mid-range air fryer for most families. Unlike the Toastmaster 2.5L it is possible to cook entire meals for your family using nothing but this wonderful air fryer.

As you would expect from a high-quality manufacturer like Toastmaster, many of the features of our first product are also included with this air fryer.

The Toastmaster TM-500AF Air Fryer also has rapid heat convection technology to ensure that your food cooks quickly and evenly. The high-speed fan forces hot air to circulate rapidly around the food for fast, uniform cooking with the crispy taste we all know and love.

The basket of this air fryer also has a durable non-stick coating as well as the basket being removable for easy cleaning.

Unlike the first appliance, this air fryer comes with a wire baking rack for those more adventurous home chefs among us.

This product also has the safety lock feature. Automatically cutting off the heat where the air fryer is opened. Preventing any unnecessary accidental burns.

The main benefit of the TM-500AF over the 2.5L is the control panel. The control panel is a very simple to use touch screen display with a number of pre-set programs for an even easier user experience. You just select the food that you are cooking, and the air fryer will do the rest. It will automatically set the temperature and the timer ensuring your food is cooked perfectly every time. This Toastmaster product will also turn off the heat when the program finishes so there is no risk of burning your food if you happen to be away from the kitchen when it finishes.

But you are not limited to the pre-set programs. You can set the temperature and the timer manually as well. This is especially useful if there is not a program suitable for what you are cooking. Or even if your just prefer a little more crisp to your French fries!


  • Touch screen control panel
  • Pre-set cooking program
  • Non-stick and easy clean


  • Good for snacks and small family meals, but large families may want something bigger

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Best Large Toastmaster Air Fryer

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The final product we are going to look at is our most recommended large air fryer, the Toastmaster TM-904AF 11.6 Quarts Digital Air Fryer. This is one of the best, top of the line air fryers on the market right now and with good reason.

The extra-large 11.6-quart capacity is huge. Not only can you feed a large family with this, but you could even use it for family get-togethers or even parties. You can happily churn out ‘finger food’ for a party of 20 in no time at all. Certainly, quicker than with a conventional oven.

The Toastmaster TM-904AF also uses the same rapid heat convection technology to evenly cook your food. But the technology does not end there!

The functionality of this machine is not limited to air frying. You can use this toastmaster for roasting, baking, rotisserie, reheating, or even dehydrating. The touch screen control panel is on the top of this appliance making it very user-friendly. You will struggle to find any air fryer on the market with as many functions as this fantastic machine.

The TM-904AF also includes a large accessory pack which includes, a rotisserie spit, skewers and racks, removable drip tray, crisping racks, and a baking tray.

There are 8 pre-set program available which can be easily selected from the well laid out menu of the control panel. These are your specialist functions for performing cooking techniques that aren’t air frying. You then have the temperature and timer controls for standard air frying.

This appliance also has the safety lock feature that cuts out the heat if the appliance is open to eliminate accidents.

Cleaning I also not an issue with this Toastmaster product as all accessories are non-stick and removable. Just rinse and wipe, then you are good to go again.

Whatever your culinary tastes, preparing meals has never been quicker or easier than with this product. From snacks, to sides, to complete meals, with this air fryer you will be able to cook anything!


  • Extra-large 11.6-quart capacity
  • Specialist settings for a wide variety of cooking techniques
  • Cook-book included
  • Simple to use touch screen display


  • This is a large appliance and takes up significant counter-top space
  • Being a top of the range product, it is quite expensive

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Additional Things To Note

There are a few best practices to bear in mind when using an air fryer. The first is what we like to call “the golden rule of air frying”. This is that you must never over crowd the basket or tray in an air fryer. The food should be in a single layer and not touching each other. This is because air fryers work by circulating hot air around your food. If there is no space for the air to circulate, then the food won’t cook evenly, and you won’t get the golden crisp you expect. Hence, the ‘golden rule’.

The second thing is that you should never use metal utensils with an air fryer. This is not for any safety reason but for longevity. When using metal utensils, it is far easier to scratch or chip the non-stick coating of the air fryer. And once this starts to peel or lose its quality. The appliance then becomes a nightmare to clean. In the table below are some silicon utensils available on Amazon that are perfect for use with an air fryer.

Utensil Set

And the final thing to remember with an air fryer is to experiment and have fun. Cooking is not supposed to be a chore and sometimes we forget this fact!


Whether you are looking for your first foray into the world of air frying, or you are an expect home chef with a large family eagerly waiting to be fed; Toastmaster is a high quality manufacturer with many great products to suit every need.

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