The ULTIMATE Glass Air Fryer Reviews – Top 4!

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Welcome To The World Of Glass Air Fryers

Looking for the best glass air fryer for your kitchen counter top? Then you have come to the right place! In today’s article we will be reviewing the top 4 glass air fryers on the market, as well as the difference between a glass air fryer and a standard air fryer. These counter top appliances create a luxurious impression that any kitchen can benefit from.

Introduction To Air Fryers

We all know that eating deep fried foods isn’t exactly great for our health. However, most of us do it anyway because let’s face it, fried foods taste amazing. Whether it’s crispy french fries, crunchy tortilla chips, meaty chicken nuggets, or a classic doughnut, you just can’t beat that deep fried flavor.

Over the last few years, many of us have become increasingly health conscious and aware of the dangers associated with eating oily, fatty foods regularly in our diet. This is especially true over the long term and consistently eating foods high in fat can lead to multiple ailments. The most common of which is cardiac symptoms. Whether it be a heart attack, a stroke, or angina. These are universally bad!

There is, however, a better way. A way to eat all the same foods that you know and love but without consuming the fat you would otherwise expect. This is where we can turn to the humble air fryer.

So, for those of us who enjoy our fried treats, the air fryer is a fantastic innovation. Using a fraction of the oil (or even no oil at all!) we can cook the same wonderful foods while dramatically increasing the healthiness of our meals.

The vast majority of air fryers on the market today are manufactured using metals and high-quality plastics whilst the frying basket is coated in a non-stick material. These are usually extremely durable. But with frequent use, over time can start to flake or peel and eventually end up contaminating our food.

 This is where a glass air fryer is truly superior. Glass is a naturally non-stick, and inert material that has been used in food storage for centuries. This means there is no coating that may wind up into your lunch after a year or two. They are also naturally smooth which makes them extremely easy to clean, especially when you consider that they are completely dishwasher safe.

But by far, the most useful advantage of a glass air fryer, is that you can check the cooking process without opening. This means you glass air fryer will not lose temperature every time you check on your food. The consistent, high temperatures of air frying are how they can get the crispness so losing temperature means you also lose the crisp.

This is also extremely valuable to new air fryer users. Due to the high temperatures and rapid air flow cooking technique, cooking times are greatly reduced when compared to a traditional oven. Having a glass air fryer will prevent inexperienced fryers burning their first few attempts!

Here at we have compiled a list of, what we believe to be, the top 4 best glass air fryers available today. We focus on quality, functionality, manufacturer, and affordability when compiling this list. So, you can have all the information necessary to make an informed choice in your new counter top appliance!

Glass Air Fryer Vs Standard Air Fryer

  1.  The biggest differences between a glass air fryer and a standard air fryer are the manufacturing materials and the design. Standard air fryers are designed with a basket-style cooking area, whilst glass air fryer come with a large bowl-style cooking area. The glass bowls are made from heatproof, toughened, tempered glass and the standard are made from metal (usually stainless steel) and high-quality plastics.
  2. The main advantage of a glass air fryer is that you can see the food cooking. This means that you will not have to keep opening the air fryer to check if the food is done yet. This is not the case with a standard air fryer. Every time you open an air fryer, the heat escapes and you risk losing the crispiness of your food. Which is the whole reason of frying in the first place, right?
  3. In a glass air fryer, there is no need for a non-stick coating as the glass is naturally smooth enough for food not to stick. With a standard basket-style air fryer, there is often a non-stick coating on the cooking surface itself that is made from high-quality plastic. However, with frequent use at high temperatures, this coating may start to peel or flake and end up contaminating your food.
  4. This also makes cleaning a glass air fryer much easier than a standard air fryer. With a standard air fryer, you must be delicate when cleaning to ensure you are not scrubbing off the non-stick coating. There are no such worries with the glass bowl. Give it a good hard scrub with warm, soapy water without fear of doing damage. Both are dishwasher safe.
  5. A glass air fryer uses the same cooking technologies as standard air fryers, giving you all the benefits of a healthy, low-fat diet, without some of the headaches associated with standard air fryers. Why would you not choose to go glass? Let’s review our top 5 glass air fryers!

#1. Big Boss Large Glass Air Fryer

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Our first selection on this list is the Big Boss Large Glass Air Fryer. Big Boss is a highly respected, quality manufacturer that is a well-established air fryer brand. The extra-large cooking bowl design allows for a 16-quart (15.1-liter) capacity which makes this an excellent choice for those with large families. This glass air fryer is also suitable for small parties as cooking with this appliance is hassle-free.

Our favorite feature of this wonderful air fryer is that the cooking capacity can be increased with the stainless-steel extender ring included. This is a great feature as it means you can cook more than one batch at a time, essentially halving your time spent in the kitchen. The bowl itself is made from toughened ceramic glass which is resistant at high temperatures. The shape of the glass bowl also makes it easy to monitor your meals from the outside without interrupting the cooking process.

This air fryer ensures a perfectly even crispiness to your food with the help of the 360° rapid air circulation technology. With the powerful 1300-watt motor this appliance can produce a wide temperature range of 180-450°F (82-232°C). This range of temperatures allows for multiple cooking techniques including frying, grilling, roasting, and even baking. The controls for this glass air fryer are nice and simple, with one knob for the temperature and one knob for the timer. There are also helpful indicators for the power and the heat. This set also included two racks for an easy cooking experience.

This Big Boss glass air fryer is also built with safety in mind. There is an auto-shut off function as well as overheating protection. This device is also listed as FDA and ETL (energy efficiency) compliant for complete peace of mind. This means that you can purchase this glass air fryer with confidence.

Cleaning this appliance is also incredibly easy as the glass bowl and all detachable accessories are completely dishwasher safe.

Customer service is a big part of this brands ethos. Meaning that this air fryer comes with a 2-year warranty and comprehensive customer support.


  • Rapid air circulation technology
  • Powerful 1300-watt heating
  • Large 16-quart (15.1-liter) capacity
  • Excellent safety features, overheating and auto shut off function
  • Large temperature range for a wide variety of cooking techniques
  • Glass bowl and accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel extender ring
  • East to use controls
  • Exceptional food viewing from outside


  • Heaving appliance, not very portable
  • Relatively large footprint for a counter top appliance

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#2. NutriChef PKAIRFR48 Glass Air Fryer With Infrared Convection

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The second machine we are going to look at today is the NutriChef PKAIRFR48 glass air fryer with infrared convection. This appliance not only has a sleek, elegant design, but is also built with longevity in mind. This air fryer’s glass bowl is made from engineered ABS ceramic glass with a robust stainless-steel frame. This makes it far more durable than some other glass air fryers that are built using inferior materials.

The large 13-quart (12.3-liter) capacity glass bowl can hold an entire turkey or chicken making it an ideal choice for large family get togethers or small parties. The included cooking rack enable you to cook multiple items at once or even multiple batches of the same thing! This can massively reduce the amount of time in the kitchen needed to cook for the whole family.

The underlying technologies of this glass air fryer are fantastic. The in-built infrared convection fan has been extensively laboratory tested, coupled with the rapid air circulation allows for fast cooking with a 50% increase in efficiency. Your electricity bills will certainly thank you!

The halogen lamp will cook your food without drying it out, while the 1200-watt power rotary control system keeps the air circulating around your food. This combination is what ensures you meal is crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle.

The controls of this device are extremely user-friendly with a temperature range of 149-482°F (65-250°C) and a timer of up to 60 minutes. This is one of the widest temperature ranges that we have seen from an air fryer. Multiple cooking techniques are therefore possible including frying, roasting, steaming, grilling, baking, defrosting, and even BBQing! This makes it perfect chicken, steak, ribs, fish, shrimp and so much more. Defrosting frozen foods has never been easier as with this air fryer you can defrost with preheating.

This NutriChef air fryer also has an abundance of safety features. There is an automatic power-off feature that prevents the appliance from overheating. The glass bowl itself has absolutely no chemical coating, so no concerns for food safety. The glass bowl is exceptionally strong as well. This much reduces the chance of breakage and is definitely built for the long haul.

Included with this air fryer are a mesh cooking tray, food rack and extender ring. All of the accessories are manufactured from good quality stainless steel and highly functional.

Due to the great design and high-quality materials this device is nice and easy to clean too. The air fryer itself is stain and scratch resistant. The mesh tray will collect any drippings such as excess oil or food debris. It is removable to allow for easy cleaning. The glass bowl and all accessories are completely dishwasher safe too.


  • Good 13-quart capacity
  • Bowl made from engineered ABS ceramic glass
  • 1200-watt power
  • Wide temperature range (149-482°C)
  • Multiple cooking techniques
  • Rapid air circulation
  • Simple rotary dials
  • Easy to clean with scratch resistant glass


  • Has a relatively large footprint for its cooking capacity

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#3. Rosewill Infrared Air Fryer With Glass Bowl

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The third appliance on our list of the top 4 glass air fryers is the Rosewill Infrared Convection Oven. There are two variations of this glass air fryer. One with a manual control system and the other with digital controls. Both are of very high quality, manufactured using engineered ABS ceramic glass with a stainless-steel extender ring.

The cooking capacity of this appliance can be increased to a whopping 17-quarts (16-liters) with the help of the stainless-steel extender ring, making this the largest capacity glass air fryer on our list. This appliance is therefore suitable for large families or small parties. With this air fryer, you can cook a good amount of food in a single batch, whilst monitoring your food through the transparent glass bowl. There is no need to disturb the cooking process to see if your meal is ready. This enables you to enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience every time!

This glass air fryer uses a halogen infrared heating system with a powerful convection fan. This rapidly circulates the hot air around the food to ensure a crispy exterior while locking in all the juices for wonderfully tasty cooking. Compared with a regular convection oven the cooking time is reduced by 50% whilst being 75% more energy efficient. Your wallet will thank you when your utility bill comes due!

The digital controls are extremely easy to use as this appliance comes with 8 preset functions. These enable you to cook a wide variety of meals including, steak, pork chops, and salmon, among many others. The time and temperature can also be set manually with a temperature range of 149-482°F (65-250°C) and a countdown timer of up to 120 minutes.

This Rosewill glass air fryer will also come with some nice safety features. For example, if the lid handle is lifted during the cooking process, the power will automatically be cut off ensuring you don’t accidentally burn yourself. On top of this, the power cord is detachable for easy storage, and even, portability. Included with the device are 2 layers of stainless-steel cooking racks that enable you to cook multiple items or multiple batches at once.

The maintenance and cleaning of this is also nice and straight forward. This is thanks to the fact that all elements of the cooking equipment are removable and dishwasher safe. This includes the stainless-steel cooking racks and the glass bowl itself.


  • It cooks food 50% faster and is 75% more energy efficient than a conventional oven
  • Large 12-quart capacity glass bowl with extender ring
  • Rapid hot air circulation with infrared technology
  • Automatic cut off when appliance is opened
  • 8 preset digital functions but still allows temperature and timer to be set manually
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher safe removable parts


  • The glass bowl of this air fryer is thinner and more fragile than others on this list.

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#4. NutriChef Convection Counter top Air Fryer Roaster Oven

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The last appliance on our list is the NutriChef Counter top Air Fryer Roaster Oven. And yes, that is a mouthful. But, if you are looking for a glass bowl air fryer on affordable budget, then look no further than this wonderful machine. This air fryer has an attractive, compact design and a stand handle comes with the unit. This is a sleek device that would look great in any sized kitchen.

But don’t conflate compact, with small. The cooking capacity of this device is larger than you would expect, especially when you attach the extender ring. When extended to its maximum, the capacity is an impressive 18-quarts (17-liters). Making it one of the largest on this list!

As with all air fryers, the cooking times are much quicker than those of a standard convection oven. These appliances are extensively lab-tested to the ensure speed and accuracy of cooking. This saves you a lot of time in the kitchen without sacrificing flavor.

The controls of this glass air fryer are extremely simple. You have only 2 rotary dials. One for temperature with a max of 480°F (250°C) and a timer length of up to 60 minutes. The heating element has a power of 1000-watts. This is not the best, but due to the excellent high-speed fan, the air circulates very rapidly so the cooking times are the same as other air fryers on this list. And maintains the crispy fried food texture that we all know and love. This machine is still capable of performing many cooking techniques such as air frying, roasting, grilling, baking, and even steam broiling.

Included with this product you will get 2 wire cooking racks, to allow for multiple items or batches, and a set of plates tongs just to make life easier. As with all the glass air fryers on this list, cleaning is a breeze as all parts are completely dishwasher safe.


  • Affordably priced
  • Glass cooking bowl with large 18 quart capacity
  • Simple rotary controls, very user-friendly
  • Useful Accessories
  • High quality convection technology
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Clear see-through viewing


  • Lacks the preset functions of other devices. You may have to look up how long things take to cook in an air fryer.

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Glass Air Fryer FAQ’s

Is a glass air fryer suitable for a large family?

In short, yes! The unique design of air fryers with a glass cooking bowl means that they have a much higher capacity than normal air fryers, and with the help of an extender ring can become even more spacious. The products in our top 4 list range from 13 quarts all the way up to 18 quarts. On the top end you can cook an entire thanksgiving turkey! So, a standard Tuesday night family dinner should be fine.

Are glass air fryers worth buying?

Glass air fryers are the most unique products in the world of air frying. While most air fryers have a basket design, glass air fryers offer a bowl design. This gives these appliances a much larger internal cooking space without taking up any extra room on your counter top.

Apart from the capacity, glass bowls have two distinct advantages over standard air fryers. Firstly, being glass they are much easier to clean. Most basket air fryers have a non-stick coating that over time and use will start to chip and peel. Once that goes, cleaning becomes increasingly more difficult.

Which leads us to the second problem of standard air fryers, the non-stick coating itself. Whilst most air fryers are now BPA free, the truth is they are still made from high-grade plastic. This is usually BPS or BPF. These are still strong chemicals. It’s true that the negative health effects of these chemicals are substantially less than BPA. But it would be a lie to say that they don’t have any at all. Glass air bowls, however, have no harsh chemicals at all and glass was used for food and drink storage long before we had plastic.

Are glass air fryers easy to clean?

Absolutely! Not only are all the air fryers on our list dishwasher safe. But you do not have to be as delicate with the glass bowls when scrubbing. This is because there is no non-stick coating that may be damaged. Just get them a good old scrub with warm soapy water and you’ll be fine.


Air fryers with glass bowls are a relatively new addition to the world of counter top cooking. But they were definitely worth the wait!

The unique design allows for a greater cooking capacity when compared to standard air fryers of the same dimensions. Many come with an extender ring to increase this capacity even further as well.

The 5 glass air fryers that we have shortlisted here are all manufactured from ABS ceramic glass. This is tough and durable so you can be assured of the products longevity. They also do not contain any harsh chemicals that have the potential to contaminate your food.

The health benefits of using an air fryer are well known at this point. Reducing the amount of fat in your diet can have a remarkable effect on your overall health. And now that you can grill, fry, bake, roast, and much more. There is no compromise between your heath and your food’s flavor.

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